If you or your loved one need extra help and support on a daily basis in your home. It is important to ask yourselves if your home is suitable for live-in care.

Our checklist will be useful for you to assess whether your home is suitable for live-in care.

  • A Spare Room

You would need to have a spare room in your home. If you needed a live-in carer. As Live-in carers need their own room. It is important for them to have some privacy. And some time to themselves when they are not caring for you.

You will have the reassurance that there is someone is the next room if you need them. And you will also have your own space. And time to yourself when you need to.

  • Having the Correct Equipment

Our live in carers are trained to use equipment such as hoists. These have to be fitted in by either yourselves and you can source the equipment. And have it fitted in your home.

The council may also be able to assist in having the right equipment fitted in to your home. If the person has been admitted to hospital they will arrange for the correct equipment to be fitted in your home as part of the care plan before you are allowed to leave the hospital and go home.

Depending on the extra care you need you can also have aids for showering and toileting. You can also get standing frames if you have difficulty with your mobility.

If you struggle to get out of your bed unaided. Bed rails can be fitted to give you extra support.

Sometimes entire rooms may need to be converted. Especially if you have limited mobility and you need to have your bedroom on the ground floor. You may also need to have new bathrooms installed again depending on your needs.

If you currently have steps outside the house. They may need to be converted into ramps for wheelchairs if you find it difficult to walk.

  • A Space For Meals Together

Live-in carers will prepare meals according to your specific dietary needs and personal tastes. Their own tastes may differ they will need to have somewhere to store their food. Space in the cupboards and the fridge.

It would be nice if there was a space for the carer to have meals with you together. Eating together provides a time to be connected. And would be a good time for you both to bond and have companionship.

  • Your Beloved Pets

We understand that pets are part of your family. If you have pets that you love and give you much-needed comfort. You can have a live-in carer who is also a pet-lover themselves.

We’re here to help you prepare for live-in care

If you are arranging live-in care. For yourself or a loved one. Have a look at what WMHC live in care includes.

We are happy to discuss your requirements. And also discuss the suitability of your home for live-in care for you. e Fill in the contact form on the right and we’ll get back to you within in 48 hours.

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