If you have mobility problems it is important that you have a good wheelchair for outdoors. Wheelchairs are a necessary part of life. Whether you need to use it part-time or full-time.

There are a range of wheelchairs. You can choose the type of wheelchair depending on your needs. It is important that you choose the right wheelchair for your needs.

Below is a range of different types of wheelchairs we have researched for home care in Birmingham (we have no affiliation to any of the sellers on Amazon – an unbiased review and recommendation of wheelchairs that are suitable for outdoors.

  • Lightweight

Lightweight wheelchairs are easy to manoeuvre. They are easy to transport and fit comfortably into a car. They are compact making them easy to store when not in use.

Patterson Medical Days Escape Lite Aluminium Wheelchair

Lightweight and foldable aluminum frame. Escape Lite has been specially designed for ease of transportation and storage. Attendant-propelled wheelchair, portable transit travel chair. Adjustable seat belt durable padded full-length armrests.

Removable footrests, narrow. Foot lever to assist with getting up curbs. Heel cups on footplates. Purple frame. Attendant Operated Cable Brakes. Puncture Proof Tyres. 2-year warranty on the mainframe, 1-year warranty on the complete chair.

  • Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs are appropriate for those whose physical condition will let them propel it themselves. Or who have someone available to push them.

Days Escape Lite Aluminium Wheelchair

Escape Lite is extremely lightweight and has a foldable aluminum frame. Suitable for both indoors and out. It gives you flexibility wherever you go. With three seat widths. In addition to being lightweight, these attendant-propelled chairs offer both comfort and practicality.

With a full-length armrest, padded upholstery and detachable swing-away footrests. They provide all the basic comfort necessities. Peace of mind and low maintenance are provided by the puncture-proof tyres.

  • Electric Wheel Chairs

A motorised wheelchair, power chair, electric wheelchair, electric-powered wheelchair (EPW). Is a wheelchair that is propelled by means of an electric motor rather than manual power.

These wheelchairs are ideal for people with limited mobility. Who are unable to use a manual wheelchair. Or for those that require a wheelchair for long distances.

They are also suitable for people with cardiovascular and fatigue-based conditions.

Lith-Tech Smart Chair 1 Electric folding wheelchair

LITH-TECH Smart Chair 1 is a folding smart electric wheelchair. Lightest overall weight for an everyday use chair. It has small folding dimensions and also a long battery life per charge.

It has oversized tyres absorb every bump. And give the user excellent comfort and curb ability. Made with aerospace titanium and aluminium fused frame. Which can withstand loads of up to 180 kg.

The lithium batteries are neatly stored away in the side of the frames. Both batteries can either stay in the frame. Or be removed from the chair so they can be charged either with the chair. Or they can be charged individually without the chair.

The arms on this chair also fold up out of the way so you can easily fit under a table. 1-year warranty on frame, batteries, and motors.

Which Wheelchair is Easiest to Push

There are many types of wheelchairs on the market. The transit wheelchair is the easiest to push. Transit Wheelchairs have small rear wheels that make it easier to be pushed by others.

The standard size of the transit wheelchair is about 12 inches. Most model of transit wheelchairs offers additional brakes for the attendants.

Transit models are also lighter in weight for transporting and take up less space in the boot of the car.

Lightweight folding deluxe aluminum transit wheelchair with handbrakes

This transit wheelchair has attendant running handbrakes. Lockable parking brakes. Removable height adjustable footrests. Solid puncture proof tyres. Flip-up armrests to aid side transfer or sitting at a table. 18″ seat width. With lap belt, heel straps and a calf support strap. Cushion and padded removable backrest included.

It is easy to fold and store in the car. Ideal for days out and appointments as it is comfortable for the user.

Wheelchair Recommendations

We would advise that you do research to ensure that you choose the right wheelchair. It is important that you have a wheelchair to suit you. There are so many wheelchairs on the market it can get confusing.

Our checklist below will help you decide on the right wheelchair for you.

Budget: Decide how much you have to spend. It is better to invest in a wheelchair that is high quality and offers good value for money. Research different models that suit your needs first. To ensure there’s something within your price range.

Your mobility: The type of wheelchairs on the market are suited to people with different mobilities. You need to ask yourself what your needs are.

  • What is your current level of mobility?
  • Are you able to use the wheelchair yourself or do you need assistance?
  • What do you need the wheelchair for?
  • Do you need it in the house or just outdoors?
  • Do you need it for long distances or just short journeys?

Your prognosis: Depending on the wheelchair you decide to buy they can be expensive. However, they are built to last. It’s important therefore to consider your future prognosis. As this will affect the type of wheelchair you will need in the long term.

Size and weight: It is important that you are comfortable in the wheelchair. They come in all sizes. They have maximum weight limits which may determine which size you choose.

Storage: You need to think about where you will store your wheelchair. If you are storing it in your house how much storage space do you need. Do you need to be foldable and easy to transport in a car?

We are happy to discuss your wheelchair requirements. Fill in the contact form on the right and we’ll get back to you within in 48 hours.

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