Christmas is a time of giving and spending time with your loved ones. Yet, according to research carried out by Age UK. A million older people feel lonelier at Christmas time. Two-fifths of them are widows. At heartbreaking reality : Elderly alone at Christmas.

Age UK launched the ‘no one should have no one campaign’ last year to create awareness. No elderly person should be alone at Christmas.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, says: “Loneliness doesn’t only affect older people over the Christmas period, but because most of us expect to spend this time of the year enjoying ourselves with family and friends it can make those who are unwillingly on their own feel all the more left out and miserable. For many lonely older people the festive season also brings back memories of happier times in years gone by, reminding them of partners and other close relatives and friends who are no longer around and who they sorely miss”.

How To Help A Lonely Elderly Relative

Not only is Christmas day lonely for many elderly people, the run up to Christmas can be a lonely time too. Here are few pointer how to help a lonely elderly relative.

1.Give them a call

If they live too far away for you to pop over for a cup of tea. Pick up the phone and give the a call.

They will be happy that you thought of them and made the time to call them. It can brighten up their day.

2. Send a card or email

Everyone loves to receive a card in the post. The elderly like the traditional method of receiving a letter and writing back to you. If they are tech-savvy then an email is a great form of communication too.

3. Facebook

Facebook is a social network. A simple purpose is to keep people in touch with each other and share moments of your lives together. If your elderly friend or relative is tech-savvy. Facebook is a great way to combat stay in touch and combat loneliness.

The stats are clear. A surge in older users means over 55’s will be the second biggest demographic of Facebook users this year.

4. Invite them for Christmas dinner

Invite your elderly relative for Christmas dinner. It will be something they will look forward to. Christmas day itself can be extremely lonely. If you live too far and you know it will be difficult for them to come alone. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can offer support to your elderly relative.

5. Ask for help

Life is busy. Sometimes you may be unable to visit your elderly relative or you may live far. We have the experience and expertise to support your loved one.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to look after them yourself or feel guilty if you are unable to do so. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Or, if you need a little extra help during the festive period, we can provide carers to suit your needs. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

Social Care For The Elderly Over Christmas

At West Midlands Home Care we know how important Christmas is for some of you. We offer social care for the elderly over Christmas.

If you want to go out and visit friends and family we can assist you on the day. If you are staying at home we offer daycare.

Our expert carers will cater to your specific needs. It is important to us that you are not lonely over Christmas.

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