Caring for elderly parents in their home is very rewarding. Your parents looked after you when you were a child and now it’s your turn to look after them. However, as an adult, you have other responsibilities, maybe you have a family of your own, a full-time job. It can become very stressful taking on the responsibility yourself and for the whole family.

Here are a few tips to help you care of your elderly parents:

Be realistic, it is important that you only commit to the support you can actually give your parents. Otherwise, your parents may feel that you have let them down. Take time out for yourself – if you are a full-time carer it is important that you take time out for yourself. Do things that you enjoy doing, take a break, book yourself a holiday or short break. We can provide you with live in care  while you are away so that you can have complete peace of mind whilst you are away that your parents are being looked after even if it’s for a few days.

Planning – it is important for all family members to discuss a care plan for one or both of your parents when they require assistance in day-to-day living. It is important that all options are discussed depending on the needs of your parent and what commitment everyone can give. We offer a range of services that could support your care plan.

How to help ageing parents stay in their home

Many parents do not want to move from their own homes as they get older as they are comfortable in their own environment. For some parents even the idea of having to move into one of their children’s homes or residential or nursing home is unsettling.

Ageing parents can stay in their own home, you can West Midlands home care can support you in their care. If your parent needs a full-time caregiver. This will allow your parent to form a positive relationship with their carer. Your parent would get help with daily chores such as cooking, shopping, appointments, and social events.

Your parent might just need help with bathing or help with chores around the house and you simply don’t have the time to give regular support. Then we advise you to get the support they require with our domestic and personal care service.

How to know when your elderly parents need help

Many parents say they are doing fine and that they don’t need extra help however you may start to notice that your parents are struggling with day-to-day living. Maybe they are struggling with their mobility. Or they could have been diagnosed with a condition such as dementia and they are forgetting to take their medication. There are also other signs to look out for such as:

  • Finding it difficult to carry out daily chores in the house such as washing up
  • Getting confused with daily routines
  • Forgetting to eat meals, often leading to weight loss
  • Struggling with mobility
  • Struggling with personal hygiene

Our services include domestic and personal care services.

We recommend that you discuss with your parents the tasks that they need support with at home, it is important that your parents still remain as active and independent as possible in their own home.

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