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Covid-19 Information

At WMHC care we are taking every precaution to protect and ensure the safety of our customers

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West Midlands Health Care

West Midlands Health Care will guide and support all individuals while promoting independence in their day to day life. We respect their choices and beliefs and dignity at all times.

Our tailor made service provides an individual and subjective approach and experiences that enables us to provide a special, high quality service which then meets the demand of requirements of even the most complex needs

Our team provide a holistic and caring approach while thriving to make sure every detail is covered

You will find more information on our assisted living page

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Supportive Management Services

Our Supportive Management Services provide high quality support to vulnerable individuals who are struggling finding housing. We also provide training/education & employment opportunities, access to drug/alcohol intervention groups, access to food banks and other general support covering many aspects such as improving budgeting skills, accessing benefits, staying healthy and much more. To summarise on the support aspect, our aim is to increase living skills, enabling our service users to become more independent.

Our organisation is able to provide high quality accommodation with regular maintenance. Our support staff utilise a holistic approach, keeping in regular contact with our service users via support sessions.

You will find more information on our supported living page


The Care We Offer

Domestic & Personal

We provide high-quality care services focusing on independence and dignity.  We dedicate ourselves to delivering reliable and safe support.

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Live In Care

We provide high-quality live in Care services. That offers practical assistance and companionship to meet your needs.

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Learning Disability

Providing high-quality care services focusing on independence and dignity.  We dedicate ourselves to delivering reliable and safe support.

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Social Care

Primary goals when delivering social care is to promote choice and independence. We know how important it is for you to maintain your independence.

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What Our Customers Say

"They are very professional, well mannered and very organised."


"Very reliable and friendly care company. Highly recommended"


''Very professional and helpful service. Caring staff who offer brilliant advice''


''It was nice to be a hands off landlord and get the help I needed''

Emily Davidson
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